The Best Betting Apps for your Mobile

Success is all about motivation and readiness to improve your performance. This formula applies to all aspects of life, so it does to sports betting, as well. In the climax of the Technology Era, betting on sports is taken to another level. Mobile apps are supported by and available for a better part of the online bookmakers. We are long past the time when betting on the internet was considered an unseen innovation, and retail betting shops were the only option. These days, to place bets on sporting events, using your cell phone or a tablet, is something natural and more of a necessity than luxury. The clearest edge that mobile betting gives to punters is the opportunity to bet anywhere, at any time. You can bet either when being at the event itself, or at a restaurant, a thousand miles from the arena. The best betting apps can always get you involved in a convenient way. It is fast and easy to use them and the quality of the service is maintained at a high level. Almost every feature or market, that can be found on the bookmaker's website, is also available on their mobile app. The odds you will find for these events on the app are exactly the same as those on the respective website. Betting operators often come up with bonus offers that are solely addressed to mobile bettors. It is very possible for mobile applications to become a fundamental platform for the future of online betting. We can state for certain, that in the time to come, more and more people will think carefully about them when choosing a betting operator.

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The Best Offers Available for Mobile Users

Best mobile betting bonus offers Okay, we are all clear now that betting on your phone or tablet has no noticeable drawbacks. Contrariwise, placing bets 'on the go' is regularly rewarded by some bookmakers with special bonuses for this type of betting. That comes as an addition to the main ongoing promotions, which are also available for mobile bettors. Offers come in various forms, such as: Free Bets, Money-Back Specials, First Deposit Bonuses, and more. You can read in details all about online promotions on our Bonus page. Now, let's take a brief look at some of the most appealing bonus offers on the Internet. Remember that all of them are available on your mobile, so don't hesitate to benefit from whichever you find most attractive.

Setting up an account at a bookmaker is often associated with claiming their welcome bonus. In fact, every serious betting site offers one, so the link is well reasoned. The offers available are vast and all very tempting. Therefore, to pinpoint the most valuable among them, may turn out to be a fairly tricky task. This is where we come into the picture and provide solution. In our opinion, the British bookmaking giants Ladbrokes offer the most valuable and attractive Welcome Bonus. It is a free bet up to £50, that is offered only to newcomers. Sign up with the leading UK betting operator by entering the F50 promo code. After your first bet with them is settled, a Free Bet token up to £50 will be credited to your account. On our Ladbrokes page you can find the wagering terms and learn all you want to know about their sportsbook and its mobile adaptation.

Speaking of reliable bookmakers in the UK, Betfair also have a similar reputation. Their coverage for the most common sports in the country is exquisite and so are the bonus offers. On the Promotions hub you can regularly find Cashback Extras for the hottest Premier League matches. Each of them has several options, from which to choose your personal refund. Betfair also offer a mouth-watering pair of bonuses for punters that are into races. The offers are identical for both greyhound and horse racing. You can activate them by placing a Forecast or Tricast bet on any of the featured events. The bookmaker will top your winning bets with 10%. Any customer can get up to 10 bonuses per day and the maximum total is £500 for that period. Browsing the Betfair website or mobile app, you can't help but notice the accent they put on their cash-out feature. And rightly so – the development is of good quality and very useful for locking in profits. Betfair also give you 50% bonus when you use Cash Out for the first time.

One of the bettors' biggest frustrations is their multiple bet to be let down by just one leg. So close, yet no profits claimed. Well, suffer no more, for William Hill is here to save the day. The famous bookmaker offer a complete refund for the losses caused by your unlucky selection. The amount of money lost is given back to you in the form of a Free Bet. This offer is valid regarding only accumulator bets of six selections or more and the maximum refund is £50. Remember that the offer is triggered only if there is just one losing Final score selection. Double-result, Draw-no-bet and Both-to-score selections do not count! This offer is available for betting on your mobile, and Android users will enjoy a special one, too. It is a £5 Free Bet and is for both new and existing customers. William Hill also have one of the best betting apps. You can find fore information about it at our Bookmakers page.

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Live Betting and Streaming on Mobile

The rising popularity of online sports betting has resulted in a significant upswing in live betting too. Customers are excited by the numerous betting options available live as action unfolds before their eyes. How come this new feature became such a hit? Live (or In-play) betting is available for some of the most popular sports in the UK. It is often combined with live broadcasting for the respective events, which enormously enhances the thrill of the experience. As two relatively new sports betting features, Live betting and Mobile apps interact in symbiosis. Mobile users are happy to place their bets live as the event is happening. Reversely, all in-play bettors will be excited by the prospect of betting on their smart devices. It is clearly a win-win situation for both bookmakers and customers. Another advantage for bettors is the option to place their bets based on the tendency they see for any featured event. Of course, the odds for In-play betting drift consistently, so you will have to stay fully focused all the time and react really fast. Here, the quality of the mobile betting software is of the biggest importance. This dynamic nature of live betting predisposes you to trust your instincts a bit more than usual when making decisions.

Mobile Platforms – iOS vs Android vs BlackBerry

The wide variety of mobile devices on the market leads to a fierce contest between their producers. That rivalry itself enhances the development of mobile applications software. The apps become handier, faster and better looking with every new release. They are all quality products, no matter if the device they are designed for has a bitten-off apple on the back, or its OS version is named after a dessert. It is proven that stronger competition usually leads to higher standards. Hereinafter we briefly put into words what you will get by siding with each of the most popular platforms for sports betting apps.

Since the boom of mobile betting, iOS-based betting applications have sprung rapidly. Virtually every bookmaker supports an app for your iPhone, regardless of its generation. Unlike the platform for Android gadgets, it is allowed for betting software to be issued on the App store. This has a down side too, though. Because of the lack of that restriction, the Apple store is flooded with gambling apps, some of which may be... let's say it that way, of uncertain quality. That's why we suggest you stick to the well-established online bookmakers. Their apps are all tested, secure and often released first for Apple OS.

In contrast with the Apple clients, Android users can not find the best betting apps at their platform for digital distribution. That is because the Google Play store has a strict policy of not allowing any real-money gambling software to be published on it. Still, Android betting apps are available for download on the website of virtually every leading online bookmaker. They are completely free, easy to use and well-working. None of them really has any significant flaws, just as their Apple counterparts. No additional sign-ups are required in order to use the Android apps. Just download them, sign up with your existing account and start betting. Easy as that!

Competing with operating systems, such as Apple and Android is a tough job. To be honest, Blackberry are years behind in terms of mobile app developing. Still, it is possible to enjoy a proper betting experience, using your Blackberry device. Most of the leading bookmakers support Blackberry OS. Betting on those devices is absolutely free and works properly, even though only in browser mode. Blackberry may not be the best option for mobile betting right now, but they are willing to improve, so we will keep an eye on them.

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